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Wednesday, At Home

I work from home on Wednesdays, which is nice because I don’t have to think about clothes, but also because I can use the half-hour allotted for commuting for something else.

Cover of Colette Patterns Crepe pattern

Cover of Colette Patterns Crepe pattern

This morning, I thought about reversing the bodice on the Crepe dress pattern. The muslin I made for the pattern-as-printed more or less fit when reversed (well, the bust darts on the front-now-back looked ridiculous and the sleeve cap fit funny, but it seemed like it would not be too crazy to try reversing it). So I spent my half-hour “commute” re-tracing the pattern pieces in a way which I think might work for reversing the bodice. I may use my lunch break to cut a new muslin.

The bodice for my Crepe-as-printed is cut, interlined, and ready for assembly, but I’m suddenly concerned that the skirt won’t fit because I did not muslin it. The Gertie sew-along mentions transitioning between one size at the bust and a larger one at the waist. She noted it was a common problem, but the muslin fit me fine through the bust and waist. However, I am commonly one size larger starting at the hip in dress patterns and this muslin stops well above the bellybutton, still in the middle of the rib cage. The skirt is a simple A-line, which is not particularly fitted. Assuming the angle is sufficiently generous, it won’t be tight through my hips.

Bedsheet, repurposed for fabric. The fabric content is less than ideal, but isn't it pretty?

Bedsheet, repurposed for fabric. The fabric content is less than ideal, but isn’t it pretty?

But that’s an assumption and maybe it’s not a good idea to assume. Rather I should fit a muslin before cutting my only piece of fabric (it’s a salvaged bedsheet, so I can’t get more). It will be an easy correction, if I need to let the skirt out. There might even be enough ease in the seam allowance. Nonetheless, better safe than sorry. Guess I’ll use my lunch break or down time tonight to muslin both the new bodice and the skirt.

It will probably use up all my muslin fabric, which means another trip to the fabric store. That’s okay because if the bodice-reversal trick works, I need a fabric to make the dress out of.

If the bodice reversal works, I might look into changing the sleeve, too, to something longer. Rather than drafting an armscye and fitting a sleever, I wonder if the cap can be extended? That would certainly make the cutting layout awkward! Best to just re-draft a set-in sleeve.

FotoFlexer_PhotoEdit: As it turns out, I had to go to board cultivation event–which thankfully, I found about before I was too late. I wore the navy Lauren shift dress with a nice pair of d’Orsay pumps. Topped it with a lovely sapphire and diamond pendant I got for my birthday a few years ago.


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