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Saturday, Weekend Stuff

We ran two quick errands: home improvement and groceries. I wore the Kuhl Prima dress underneath my cropped black cotton hoody. It was slightly chilly, so I had leggings on, too.

Mr Ban impedes the tracing process.

Mr Ban impedes the tracing process.

Now I am making the Colette Patterns Crepe dress, following Gertie’s New Blog sew-along.

Earlier this month, I traced the bodice pattern pieces onto pattern cloth. I do this for everything I sew; trace the pattern onto tracing cloth and then work from that, instead of the pattern pieces that come in the envelope. Part of it is a pack rat/preservationist instinct, but part is knowing that the size of the pattern piece is going to be wrong and you can’t recut in a larger size if you started too small.

Tracing this pattern was really difficult. Although it’s printed on a nice sturdy paper, all ten sizes are printed over each other. Because it has a cap sleeve which is integrated to the bodice, rather than cut separately and set into the shoulder, there are some precise curves in the bodice. Those curves, as well as the overlapping darts, were very hard to distinguish on the pattern to begin with and much harder to see through the tracing paper.

Cap sleeve pattern detail.

Cap sleeve pattern detail.

Overlapping dart detail.

Overlapping dart detail.

Today, I cut muslins for the bodice pieces. Following the sew-along instructions, I thread-traced the seamlines, something I have not only never done, but also never heard of. In addition to the two reasons Gertie outlined, this was useful also because there are a few awkward stitching lines in this bodice and it was likely helpful to try those seams once first before trying to sew the pieces together.

I also learned that 5/8 is not where I think it is on my machine! So already the sew-along has been well-worth it.

I stitched together the muslin and it appears to fit fine, straight from the pattern, although the sleeve seems shorter and tighter on my muslin than on the pictures I see at the Coletterie. I should definitely adjust that and make a new muslin before I sew the finished version. I would think it would be simple, but it’s not an adjustment discussed in the sew-along. If I adjust it without making a muslin of the change, I will be sorry.

I guess that’s for next weekend, though.


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