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Tuesday, Failed Reconstruction

scoop-back-pointelle-pullover backI bought this lovely cashmere sweater on discount, but it’s got a low scoop back, and I generally don’t like to leave the house without foundation garments. I’m just more comfortable (and, frankly, look better) with them.

I tried to attach a bra to the sweater, and wore it on a test drive to work. A bold move, but I had no meetings. The built-in bra worked fine at the back, but pulled at the shoulders.

Of course, it’s completely freezing at my office, so I had the leather cardigan on all day, and it did not matter that the sweater was pulling. Nonetheless, I clipped the stitches I had made at the shoulder and will add lingerie snaps instead.  I could remove my work altogether. If I do that, I can try adding a yoga bra instead or just stick with adhesives for casual wear, relegating the sweater to an under-layer for work. I’ll give it some thought.

Overall, I like the sweater a lot. It has a similar aesthetic to All Saints; it’s a lovely color; the fabric is soft and appealing. I’ve poked around the seams and it appears well-constructed. The brand, InhabitNY, was new to me, and so far, I’m pleased.

It was a normal day: Linus and I rode the path to work and took the roads home.



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