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Wednesday, Brief Outing

I met some friends for drinks in a beer garden, although it was a bit chilly. I rode Linus over, showed off my arm warmers, my Dargelos vest and my nail polish, had only one drink and rode home. I was tired and sorry to miss the rest of the night.

Misty and cold on the ride home, but I really enjoyed it.

I wore the Nau M2 dress in the 2nd iteration (with the awkward pocket) and bright violet pink tights with the Fluevog Adrian Alli and I carried my Po Campo Maxwell hip pouch in the discontinued black vinyl.

I am more fond of this little bag than I thought I would be, even though my new smartphone doesn’t fit in the exterior pocket like my old one did. It carries just enough for a night out or a quick walk to lunch.  I usually wear it over my shoulder, rather than on my hips (because of the biking), and it lies fine, despite being designed to lay across the hips.



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