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Thursday, Pants

Rode Linus in this morning on the very crowded lakefront. I don’t recall spring and summer being this crowded in the morning last year. It’s still less more pleasant than the road, but less pleasant than I want. I may get the Giant ready and ride it in the park next week.

I’m in the second pair of NYDJ, the grey ones, which have been wrapped in the store tissue and shopping bag on a shelf in my sewing room for two months at least. I couldn’t decide if, in the lighter color, they were too tight for work. As the first words out of my husband’s mouth this morning were “I like those pants”, I suspect they might be. But it’s too late now. They need about four inches off the hem, so I will probably do that tomorrow.

I’ve topped the pants with a Nau merino t-shirt, in black, with a shallow v-neck and a laser-cut rubber bracelet that I bought at the Hirschhorn a couple years ago when I was in DC for a conference.

I saw today that Outlier has officially launched Outlier for women. Right now, it’s just three pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, a button front shirt and a merino tank. Nonetheless, I am very excited. I’ve written often of my disappointment in Nau, after they closed and were re-opened, particularly with how the women’s line has moved from unfussy and functional to trendy and with how they’ve moved from wool and recycled technical fabrics to modal and cotton. I’m pleased to see another option out there, and I hope Outlier is able to expand the women’s line to include some dresses or skirts soon.



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