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Wednesday, Vaguely Dissatisfied

eyeI got a much-needed haircut today. I’m not entirely sold on the cut, either. It’s very “now” but honestly, I liked my hair better “then”.  It’s a very nice haircut–the woman is a good stylist–yet it’s not my haircut. This little two-length bit on the side is unfamiliar and leaves me feeling uncertain. I almost feel like she should have just gone ahead and cut around the ear (which I told her I did not want to do), if she wasn’t going to leave it blunt over the ear. And now I feel like I’m talking myself out of liking it, when really, I don’t know yet.

I rode Linus over to the salon because it’s a nice brilliant spring day and because there are no good transit options to the salon from here. It’s awkwardly placed between two el stops and not on a convenient bus line, but just a hair too far to walk.

Nau Glimpse dress, back view, photo from Nau.

Nau Glimpse dress, back view, photo from Nau.

I wore the Nau Glimpse dress, in caviar. It’s a heavy, stiff cotton, fortified with something stretchy. As far as fabrics go, it holds its shape and is forgiving to my shape, as well as not see-through, but it wrinkles quickly and holds them tightly. I don’t wear this dress much, although it has a flattering shape, because the shelf bra doesn’t really fit me. As a result, the v-neck tends to bunch.

I also wore my Ureshii shrug. I plan to have pictures of this one taken before I order my next one because I don’t think the fit is quite right. I’m not sure which measurement was off.



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