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Monday, Covers Over my Head

Perfect Trousers from the Gap.

Perfect Trousers from the Gap.

Had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and then a hard time figuring out what to wear. I’m not entirely impressed with my choice: the grey Gap trousers and an H&M long sleeved black shirt, very similar to the brown one I wore the other day. As an outfit, it’s functional and sort of blank, neither flattering nor unflattering, not notable, really.

On the other hand, I really like the shape of this t-shirt, even if it’s not quite long enough. It’s slim through the ribs and waist, but not tight across the abdomen. The sleeves are a good length and the fabric has a nice weight to it. The long narrow V neck adds some interest, but not too much cleavage.

I rode Linus in, taking a strange meandering route through the Park and Gold Coast, instead of straight down the Lakefront. It would have been really nice except the rough surface of the park path made me think my headlamp was going to shake off and the rattling was irritating. The reverse would be a nice alternative home, except for a dicey left turn and how one critical intersection is one way the wrong way. I may try to route around it anyway for the ride home.



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