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Saturday, Stuff, Lunch & Cookies

Ibex random dress in cave, inset is he violet color.

Ibex random dress in cave, inset is the violet color.

We ran a few errands and checked out the new vegan fast food chain (which was pretty good). Then I went to visit my aunts. I was supposed to clip the new cat’s claws, but he was not real happy about it and I ripped my Ibex go-to dress (in the grey-green color). I’ll have to do a re-weave, which means this is now a second-class dress, instead of a first-class dress. I’m not too upset–the kangaroo pocket always made it a less-than-perfect dress–but it’s always sad when something you get this much wear out of moves closer to “worn out”.

Maybe I’ll remove the pocket and do an underside patch, instead of a re-weave. That cat took a pretty good chunk out of the dress.


He’s a really nice cat–he just did not want me clipping his claws.

At first I was wearing the Fluevog Adrianna Beezie loafers, then I changed into my summer time mary janes. Not quite as rocking, but they’re comfortable.




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