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Friday, Drizzly

Finally took my purse with the broken zipper to be repaired. Rather than go to the shoe repair guy with the shop outside the alley, I went to a new shop across the block. Now, the shoe repair guy outside the alley has done a great job with every pair of shoes I’ve ever brought there; he’s also friendly and very reasonably priced. But when last I brought a purse with a broken zipper to him, it came back with the lining repositioned and the interior pocket largely unusable. So, I’m trying the new shop for this purse.

It was drizzly and Friday traffic seems to be the worst, so I took the bus instead of my bike to run all my errands. At one point, the bus tracker said it would be 18 minutes until the next bus. I was going just over a mile, straight down one road to get to another bus. Faced with standing for 20 minutes in the light rain or walking 20 minutes in the light rain, I walked. I got to the transfer point before the bus I was waiting for and just as the bus I needed pulled up.

Because of the weather, I was wearing the Outlier daily riding pant and the Nau Versa blazer. And a rain hat which always reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode in the bus station late at night, although, really, they are rather dissimilar.  See? Not at all alike:


You can see my shirt collar, just barely; I was wearing the extra long cotton turtleneck with the button collar.


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