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Thursday, Lake in my Shoes

I have the worst luck with these shoes:

Fluevog, Mini Lily Darling

Fluevog, Mini Lily Darling

The Mini Lily Darlings. They are darling. Comfy, too. Also, one of two pairs of nude/tan shoes I own. Did I mention cute? Although people often remark on my shoes, the Lily Darlings seem to get more effusive comments than most. In short, an excellent purchase (also, 60% off when I bought them).

But the first time I wore them, this happened:

Swollen ankle, looked worst than it was,

Swollen ankle, looked worse than it was,

Ouch. Not the shoe’s fault. Totally the pavement’s fault. Or mine, possibly. I’m still angry that none of the passersby even asked if I was okay. I wasn’t. Although eventually, I hopped the 1/2 mile home.

A string of petty mishaps seem to follow when I wear these shoes. The day that a small bird hit a high-rise and dropped into my shoulder bag–I was wearing the Lily Darlings. Lose my favorite red knit, fur-trimmed hat, wearing the Lily Darlings. If I’m going to spill red wine on the work I took to lunch with me, I’ll be wearing the Lily Darlings.

See? Petty mishaps. I wear them anyway.

DvF dress

DvF dress

Last night I was volunteering at a Gala. I wore the Diane Von Furstenburg, which looks as though it were made for the Lily Darlings. Where it had been 85 on Tuesday and Wednesday, I think it barely reached 50 yesterday. Although I was also wearing the Ureshii merino shrug, which did not quite go, I was cold all day. I hadn’t brought a coat (just a rain shell) and a pair of leggings. The bike ride home was brutal. Waves, winds gusting enough to blow me backward. Not once, but twice, the Lake got into my shoes.

Petty mishaps.

Now DvF needs to go to the dry cleaner. And possibly the tailor. It required quite a bit of lingerie tape to keep the dress work-appropriate.


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