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Wednesday, New Route

I rode Linus to a panel discussion downtown, riding in the special new bike lanes with dedicated signals and all. They’re nice, but they don’t run southbound north of the the river, which makes them not entirely useful for getting to and from downtown.

Lipstick box.

Lipstick box.

I wore the TopShop midi (in burgundy) with the Halogen wool sweater, fleece tights and ankle boots.  It’s the time of year when I often dress wrong for riding. I wore a light jacket in case of light rain, but it got a little bit warmer than I wanted. So I took off the sweater for the ride home, but when I stopped at the grocery, I was still too warm, so I took off the jacket too.

I was cold by the time I had ridden the last 3/4 of a mile home.

But, when I got home, my Dessa lipstick from the Elixery, which I bought when I pre-ordered her new album was here.

I probably should have dressed up for the panel, as I ended up chatting with some people upon whom it is important that I leave a good impression. I was, certainly, clean and tidy. Nothing was too tight, too low cut, too childish, two fashion-forward, too foolish. But it was all rather casual. More “going to the museum and having lunch with a girlfriend” than “going to a professional lunch”.

Of course the woman next to me was wearing a beautiful cocktail ring, so maybe I looked fine.

Halogen merino crewneck, TopShop Midi dress.

Halogen merino crewneck, TopShop Midi dress.



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