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Tuesday, Burst of Ennui

EFCroppedThe ride in felt slow and sluggish. I can blame the wind, because the weather tells me they were around 14 mph, but that feels like cheating. It’s supposed to rain all day, but it hasn’t started yet. I have a change of clothes for riding home and the waterproof pannier. Now to muster some enthusiasm.

I have a meeting this afternoon, so I’m in the Eileen Fisher wool dress and a black sweater jacket with leather accents. I’ve put on the baby doll pumps I keep under the desk.

Before I left the house this morning, I grabbed a bracelet out of the drawer. I did not notice until I got to work that it’s tarnished and needs to be cleaned. My shoes all need cleaning and polishing. The leather u-lock holster on Linus needs cleaning and weather-proofing. My St John jacket needs cleaning (but I have to find a recommended dry cleaner) and a few things need repairing or tailoring. The wool sweaters all need to be cleaned and packed away for the summer.

Sterling bracelet by Laundry, in need of a polish.

Sterling bracelet by Laundry, in need of a polish.

Perhaps detailing the list of things-to-do is not the best plan on a day when I already want to crawl back into bed and never come out.



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