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Sunday, Shoes

I’m being lazier today than intended. I’m thinking about shoes.

Yesterday, at Fluevog, I bought a pair of shoes on layaway. I’ve never done anything layaway. The shoes, however, will be my clothing budget for a couple of months, so rather than running a deficit in the budget for those months, I thought I’d try paying for them over the couple of months. Since the layaway is no interest, no minimum or scheduled payment (just pay it off by the deadline to get the shoes or lose your initial deposit), I figured what the hell? I’ll see how if it feels better to buy them this way, basically, saving up, rather than paying down.

This makes my 13th pair of Fluevogs–my first pair bought in 1991, which I always called my “monk shoes”, a black oxford with a big brass buckle on a Doc Marten sole. I remember buying them. It was hot (it was Texas; pretty much it was always hot). We went to Atomic City and I bought them with a credit card meant for school supplies and building my credit. I was wearing a black jersey tank dress and holey black tights. I remember wearing them out of the store.

Fluevog upper, Doc Marten sole, bought in 1991 or 1992

They still look good, don’t they?

Periodically, I read on the internet that the quality it not as good as it was, but this has not been my experience. The shoes I have bought in the last five years are as comfortable and appear as well-made as the ones I’ve owned for 20 years.  They are an indulgence, no mistake, but I believe that an indulgence is a fine thing where it does no harm.

wedding shoesWe both wore ‘vogs to the cocktail party, celebrating when we got married. And I wear them to work, cycling, to fundraisers, to bars, almost every day, except in the worst winter weather, when I need warmth or protection from wind and wet.

The other night, I wore the Bond Girl Maxi Motorcycle boots and a friend remarked “You have, hands down, the best shoes.” I know it’s a strange compliment–an odd thing to take pride in–after all, I did not make them; I merely chose them. I’m just a woman who prioritizes her expenses so she can have nice shoes. What an odd thing to be pleased about, how strange to feel happy when someone appreciates them.

But I do.

Life needs joy. And if joy is charming people with shoes, why not?



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