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Monday, Stereotypical


Multi tool for my bike.

Got not more than half a mile from the house when I noticed one of the brackets on Linus’ new basket flopping. I had just tightened the screw the other day because it was working itself free on the way to work, but apparently that wasn’t enough of a fix. Sometime between Thursday (when I tightened it) and this morning, the screw worked itself completely loose and is gone.

I had to stop and remove the basket and secure it to the rack (fortunately, I had my my multi-tool and my bungees). Since I was so close to home, it seemed wiser to go home to leave the basket there, rather than cart it all the way to work and haul it home because it does not comfortably fit on the rear rack. There is a hardware store right by my office, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to run there or if they’ll have the right replacement screw.


Fair Indigo cotton dress.

At any rate. It’s nice out today. Warmish, light breeze, some clouds, not hot or blinding. I am wearing an A-line cotton dress from Fair Indigo. It’s a deep wine color, with a 3/4 sleeve and a little detailing at the bust. It would be nice to have this in a couple colors, as it works well in early spring and early fall. It’s not too heavy looking, but not too delicate or light to wear with tights (which I’m wearing, ribbed ones, with my Fluevog Operetta Malibrans). I always think this is a flattering dress. I wonder if I could replicate it.

Pendant of not-remembered origin

Pendant of not-remembered origin

I’m wearing a busy pendant that I bought somewhere, sometime that I don’t remember. It has a couple rhinestones, some shiny stones, and it’s very lightweight. I can’t ever decide what style I prefer in jewelry. This is sort of Bohemian, a bit florid, copper and gold. If you’d asked me what sort of jewelry I like, I would say “simple, silver”, even though I own and regularly wear many bits of jewelry that don’t fit that description at all.  But I bought it, because it caught my eye, and I wear it because I like it. So, there it is.

I probably did not need to wear a jacket, but I did, just in case.



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