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Wednesday, a Tad Gloomy

I work from home most Wednesdays, but I had a couple meetings downtown today, which means I wasn’t in jammies or yoga pants all day. The gloom kept me off Linus, though, and now I have CTA-fatigue. I rather like not having to wait for the next bus or train when I am on the bike.

Black and white brooch, with blue rhinestones.

Black and white brooch, with blue rhinestones.

I wore a short sleeve knit jacket over the Calvin Klein u-necked sweater dress and my Hunter rainboots. Once again, I picked the wrong grey to go with this dress and wore tights better suited to some other dress. Eventually, I’ll learn.

I pinned a giant brooch to the jacket. I’ve slowly collected a stock of pins and brooches. Sometimes I love them; sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. I always like them for themselves, but I occasionally wonder if they look silly.

It’s more rain and more rain for the next some several days or so. (April showers, anyone?) I’ve fallen down on the 30 days of biking, less because it’s cold and dreary and more because the wind the last couple of rides has been absolutely brutal. Biking in snow storms has some fun and biking in non-freezing rain also has charm. Wind has nothing to recommend it.



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