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Thursday, Soaking Wet

Rode Linus in and got soaked. Well, not really. My Versa blazer stayed mostly dry on the inside (the right corner under the pocket soaked through) and my Nau Acoustic pant kept my tights completely dry. Going to beat the same drum and once again mourn the loss of the original Nau and its original vision. These pants are amazing.  Completely waterproof, but they look just like causal workplace pants. They have clean lines, well-placed deep pockets, good fit, light stretch. The pants are made of recycled polyester, with seams that were welded, not stitched, so there’s no rubbing or discomfort from seams while riding.

Nau clothes looked stylish. They looked cool. They were cyberpunk in a true sense. Without flash, without needless clips, zips, nor ultimately unworkable transformer pockets, they nonetheless were high performance clothes you could wear into a place that expected you to be dressed like a serious business person or like someone who takes care with their appearance. None of them have failed on me yet.

Nau roundhouse dress, 2009.

Nau roundhouse dress, 2009.

Anyway. The fit on these pants is less than perfect, but I’m glad I kept them because they are awesome.

At work, I took the pants off (see “less than perfect fit”) and am now wearing the Nau roundhouse dress under a long sleeve black crewneck sweater and my Hunter rainboots. I’m curious as to how this dress handles rain. It’s made of the same recycled polyester, so I would expect it to shed water just as well as the pants. If it’s still pouring when it comes time to go home, I’ll find out. But for the ride in this morning, I wore the pants and hiked the dress up around my middle, stuffing it under my jacket.



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