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Monday, Rain and Wind

Linus, with a new front basket by Wald, from Public Bikes.

Linus, with a new front basket by Wald, from Public Bikes.

Rode Linus in to work in the rain this morning. The rain was no big deal, but the wind was rough. I don’t like wind. Despite the headwind, the Lake was quite calm–all the spray came off the Drive.

Because it was raining, and not just damp, I had to use the waterproof pannier. I really don’t like using the Ortlieb pannier. Nothing against the pannier itself, which attaches/detaches easily, is sturdy, doesn’t rattle, is waterproof and reflective, and does all the things it’s supposed to do. I just don’t like how it overbalances the bike, how awkward it is to carry Linus up and down the underpass with the pannier attached, and how there’s no comfortable way to carry it, once it’s off the bike. I was very glad of my new basket, however, because I was able to toss my lunch into the basket and lighten the pannier. Pyrex left-over containers don’t need protection from the rain!

My lovely Nau Shroud of Purrin Trench kept me warm and dry, but I can’t believe I forgot my Kroops horseracing goggles!

Shroud of Purrin Trench

Shroud of Purrin Trench

flash to show rain

Shroud of Purring trench, with flash to show rain.

I’m wearing the Nau Confidante Disdress over an Icebreaker longsleeve t-shirt and some fleece leggings. I’m wearing my waterproof Timberland boots (similar to these but not quite the same. Mine have a higher ankle.)


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