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Monday, Cold and Crowded

The Lakefront was cool and calm and crowded. Lots of dark clouds over the water; lots of blue sky over the city. Lots of riders; lots of joggers.

Iisli cable-knit sweater jacket.

Iisli cable-knit sweater jacket.

I have a big meeting at lunch. I’m wearing the Eileen Fisher wool dress (which I wish I had in at least four colors) and an Iisli wool sweater jacket. I don’t think Iisli exists as a company any more.

The jacket is nice–a heavy comfortable wool, with good structure, nice buttons, and fun little flare to the sleeve cuff. Although the wind chills were supposed to be quite cold, I did not really notice. I expect headwinds for the ride home.

I’ve got the Fluevog Operatta Malibran shoes and striped hose on.

We have concert tickets tonight, so I expect I’ll change before we go back out, but I don’t know what I’ll change into. I haven’t thought about it. Mostly because I keep forgetting that the show is tonight because we bought tickets a million years ago. And it’s a Monday night.


Edited: I’ve put no the TopShop midi in burgundy with a Smartwool black t-shirt and some boucle wool tights. Still in the Malibran!



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