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Sunday, Too Much Brunch


Moop Porter bag and small printed purse.

I brought my things with me in the Moop porter bag. I have mixed feelings about this bag, entirely because the snaps are not sufficiently strong to keep the bag closed. Once I put more than a change of underwear and my jammies in the bag, it won’t stay closed, even though the bag comfortably holds (and easily snaps shut when filled with) a full change of clothes, shoes, cosmetic bag and chargers. It’s a serious design flaw. I keep the bag in my sewing pile, to motivate myself to add a zipper closure to the top, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I packed a white sweater dress with gold thread and buttons that I bought at H&M 4-5 years ago and some tights for Sunday. But when I put it on, the dress was much too short, so I ended up wearing my pants instead of the bright blue tights I had packed. I think it looked like a tunic and not a dress-over-pants, but I’m not sure. Since it was just family at home, though, I didn’t really care. I was comfortable and enjoyed myself.

Not sure what to do about the dress going forward. Tunic length is not particularly my style and I definitely can’t wear it as a dress without the whole world being my gynecologist. It’s knit, however, and I’m not really sure it can be shortened into a top at a length I really like.

Caught a ride back to the city with my sister and was home before too late with enough leftovers to last all week.

Sears Tower & 311 S Wacker.

Sears Tower & 311 S Wacker, from the Eisenhower.



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