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Thursday, No Boots

Fluevog Friends Sharon, image from the Fluevog,com

Fluevog Friends Sharon, image from the Fluevog,com

Rode my newly tuned-up Linus to work this morning. Pretty morning: cool, sunny, calm. Lots of joggers, though, and I had to wait to pass because of on-coming traffic for the first time in months. Biggest thrill: wearing shoes, not boots without having cold feet. I did wear my bike knickers, but leg warmers probably would have been fine. I’m also in the Fluevog Friendship Sharon shoes!

I’m in a sweater dress from H&M. It has stripes–I love stripes on a sweater. Overall, the dress has a nice shape: fitted bodice, a-line skirt with a nice swing to it, although it’s a bit high-waisted. It’s a good between cold & warm dress, especially with the big wool sweater I am wearing today. I rarely got any use out of this sweater when I first bought it–I lived and worked in old buildings with good solid radiators and was always warm inside. Now, I live in an old building with inadequate forced air heating and work in a modern building with bad ducting choices. I am always cold now.

I wore a light jacket (the Nau transporter blazer in merino with repurposed taffeta lining) for the ride in. As disappointed as I have been in their clothes the last two years, their jackets and coats are still among the best I’ve ever owned.

Tiffany pendant.

Tiffany pendant.

This dress is one of the few things I own that’s not a crew neck (this may not actually be true, but at this moment, I think it’s true). I usually wear the Kendra Binney pendant with it because the greys go so well together, but today I’m wearing a sterling pendant in the shape of a stylized flower.



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