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Wednesday, Work, Maintenance & Volunteering


My first commuter.

I worked from home all day, then I walked down to the bike shop to retrieve Linus and my old Giant Suede, which I had taken in for spring maintenance.  I would ride it tomorrow, for old time’s sake, but it no longer has a basket. I have ordered a new basket for it (one that attaches to the front wheel, instead of the bars and won’t pinch the brake cables or pull the steering) but it hasn’t arrived. I hadn’t expected to want to ride it, but I did. Maybe next week or so, after the new basket is installed.

The woman in the shop liked my boots (the Merrell Tetra Launch) and was surprised I was planning to walk both bikes home by myself until I told her how (not)far I was going. I love my neighborhood, which is a bit of nonsequitur.

Basic black pumps with a button.

Basic black pumps with a button.

Later, I’m headed to Planned Parenthood to volunteer. I’m wearing the initially-dreaded, but now rather well-liked, NYDJ pants, with a tissue t-shirt in grey, and the black wool crewneck from J. Crew. I’ve swapped out the shoes for a low-heeled black oxford. I wish I had a nice low-heeled red shoe to wear, but I don’t and I’m declaring a shopping moratorium for April. Nope. Not even the new Bioshock.



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