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Monday, Lingering Winter

oak street

The Oak Street curve this morning (instagram photo from user edidriksen)

Rode Linus in this morning. The Lake was raging, but there were still more pedestrians on the Lakefront than I have seen since last year. A couple of points in the path were impassable because of waves. Otherwise, it was a smooth ride in this morning. I think the wind was actually at my back for once.

I was overdressed for the weather; time to shift my thinking about layers and add my shower stuff to the morning gear. Both bikes need to go in for service and there are so many housekeeping matters rights now. Spring just always reminds me of how hard it is to allot the right number of hours to all the things there are to do.

CLMJI’m in an H&M sweater which is probably past its recycle date: cotton, long sleeve with a deep cowl and a pair of grey trousers from the Gap. Wore boots on the bike (no cold feet), but I’ve changed into the Chinese Laundry mary jane pumps for the office.



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