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Saturday, Where Did Today Go?

We ran up to the grocery store (I wore the NYDJ pants and a short sleeved grey merino t-shirt layered over a long sleeve red cotton t-shirt) and then grabbed lunch at one of the many Mexican places nearby.

A few weeks ago, I oiled the inside of my machine.

A few weeks ago, I oiled the inside of my machine.

Then I cleaned up my sewing room. I discovered a nearly complete blue silk strapless party dress with a nicely done invisible zipper. I’m not sure if I actually remember making this dress or just figure that I should remember making this dress. It’s my size, though, and precisely the thing I kept choosing when I starting sewing after college. My mother hasn’t made a dress for me since grade school, so let’s assume I made it for myself. The zipper has given me hope for future projects, however.

Also, I think it’s time to bite the bullet and hire contractors to replace the carpet with hardwood and build-in some cabinets and a desk for me.  I’d really like that room to be more permanently functional. It’s a beautifully sunny room, warm, with plenty of room to work and relax, but the hodge-podge of moderately functional furniture–and the usual chaos I leave the room in–leaves me always slightly anxious. Perhaps making the room more functional will help me keep it in better working order.



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