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Friday, Hanging Around

After letting most of the morning slip away, I worked on the Vogue pattern. I cut and stitched the whole lining together. The lining has a dart at the bust, which the dress doesn’t have, but they were simple. I had chosen a very stretchy, slippery jersey for the lining, so rather than pin the pieces, I basted them, which helped considerably.

Basting the lining.

Basting the lining.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t made a muslin of the lining, just of the dress. As I’d had to make a major adjustment in the bodice size, I transferred them to the lining pattern. Although the bodice was quite right, the hips were much too large on the lining!

I’m second-guessing my adjustments, but the muslin fits quite well. I left it there, but after I adjust the lining, I’ll try it under the muslin and make sure the fit is still good. Assuming it is, I’ll be ready to cut and piece the dress. I might make my goal of finishing two wearable garments this year after all.



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