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Monday, Ice and More Slush

Silk cuff, cotton shirt.

Silk cuff, cotton shirt.

I looked at and listened to a couple weather reports, trying to decide whether or not to ride today. A little snow or rain on the way home is never a big deal and a little on the way in requires only minor planning. The reports did not agree, however, on where there was or wasn’t ice and where the rain was or wasn’t freezing. I was going to ride, anyway, until I saw some guy in the alley, scraping ice off his car. I slipped in the road on the way to the bus, so I suppose I made the right call; I still feel like a complete fraud.

In other grumpy Monday thoughts, I don’t know how to dress for the bus–I get cold waiting and much too hot riding.

At any rate, I am wearing things I randomly grabbed from the closet this morning: the Ibex Izzi skirt in black, a James Perse long sleeve red cotton shirt with silk cuffs, and boots. Comfortable, and reasonably presentable, and there it is. It’s Monday, what more does anyone want?



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