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Saturday, Sewing

Using my French curves.

Using my French curves.

After picking apart my muslin (a couple of weekends ago), I have finally gotten around to cutting and stitching a new one. Basically, I need to sew from inside the markings for a size 6 above the waistline and for a size 14 below this waistline. Even though the envelope has my (tailor-taken) measurements falling squarely in between sizes 10 and 12 on the pattern!

Typically when I buy clothes, I am about 1-2 size difference between tops and bottoms in standard American clothing manufacture. This difference is a little startling, but if the muslin fits!

I did not muslin the lining, just the dress itself, so hopefully the adjustments I made to the dress will translate to the lining.

And then, unexpectedly, we went over to some folks’ house for afternoon drinks and a couple rounds of games. I wore the Top Shop midi dress in the black cotton knit, with a random greenish-grey long sleeve t-shirt and some fleece-lined tights.

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