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Thursday, More Meetings

Today, I am wearing St. John wool knit pants from a consignment store. They are seriously high-waisted, but very comfortable. They’ve got a rib detail down the leg where a crease would be and a split hem at the ankle. I need to make the waistband adjustment permanent. They were significantly too generous in the waist, but St John leaves a waist tab stitched open for adjustment of the waist elastic. Although I pulled the elastic through for fit, I haven’t cut and sewn it yet. I’m interested to see if the alterations shop can lower the waist/shorten the rise and don’t want to cinch the waist too much.  The internet recommends the Dress Doctor to me for St. John alterations, but I really should call Nordstrom and St. John, first.

jacketstripesI’m also wearing my St. John cashmere tank and a colorful jacket I bought on sale with the idea of practicing alterations on it.  I bought it online, where the measurements indicated it would be much too large, but in fact it’s only slightly too big through the waist and bust. So I wore it as is. I may chicken out of altering it myself and just take it to my tailor. I can  look at the thrift shop for a $5-10 jacket to experiment with. We’ll see.

I think the stripe in the jacket is actually navy, although the piping is definitely black. The stripes on the sleeves are very very slightly off from each other, with the left showing more orange than the right at the wrist. The stripes on the back are not matched to the stripes at the front at all. It’s a fair jacket, but nothing overwhelming, which is not surprising when you consider how little I paid for it.

I wanted to ride today, but as always when meetings have me running everywhere and ending my day miles from my office at an unspecified-in-advance time, I took the bus.



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