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Wednesday, On the Fence

It’s cold and sunny outside. I have a meeting downtown at noon and can’t decide whether to ride or take the bus. There are conflicting wind reports and wind is usually my breaking point. One weather report says the winds are 5-7, which is no problem; the other says 19 and up, which is. I think I’ve talked myself out of biking, which always feels slightly like a failure, but I have a new mp3 player and lots of good stuff on the Kindle, and the bus stop is in front of my house. So. Bus it is.


All Saints Origin jumper.

At any rate, I’ll be wearing the long Misook pencil skirt and the AllSaints Origin jumper, some tights and a pair of Fluevog shoes (Friendship Sharon, it’s still cold and I’ll need heavy tights, making black shoes the right choice)–if I ride the bus, instead of Linus, I don’t have to worry about cold toes. I wore my sister’s handmedown cashmere overcoat.

It’s a casual lunch meeting. I stared at my closet for about half an hour last night, trying to decide what to wear and failing. I feel I’m lacking in business clothes right now, having spent the last couple of years stocking up on the casual casual, while getting rid of worn, ill-fitting and dated business clothes.

spidercropI added a silly ring I bought in college and felt okay with it, even though it’s a hair juvenile. I’m in public interest and don’t have to fit into a conservative firm environment; plus it matches the pin I once saw a judge wearing, that was just like my ring! (That judge also had a pin just like my salamander pin).

I finally got a desperately needed haircut and haven’t decided how I feel about it. On the one hand, this is the first cut I’ve had in over a year where I am willing to give the stylist a second go at it; on the other, it does not feel quite perfect.



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