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Friday, Filling Time

I have been sitting here this morning, filling up internet shopping carts. Yesterday, I tried on a couple of pairs of NYDJ pants because I was curious, mostly, but also because I could use a few more pants options for work, and also because I think I’ve been defaulting a little too casual at work lately.

My grandmother in Italy in the 70;s, probably in Ban-Lon pants, although not the yellow ones I was thinking of. I don't seem to have a scanned photo of those.

Me and my grandmother in Italy in the 70’s. Gram is probably in Ban-Lon pants, although not the yellow ones I was thinking of. I don’t seem to have a scanned photo of those.

The “trousers” pair were awful. The waistband was above my belly button and–despite one reviewer’s praise saying the exact opposite–the fabric absolutely reminded me of the Ban-Lon pants my grandmother wore in the 70’s (although the NYDJ were neither bright yellow nor flares). I know NYDJ’s hook is that the rise is higher than the low-slung pants your hip anorexic teen wears, but a pant waistband above the navel is both uncomfortable and unflattering.

The other pair, the “Samantha pant” were better. The rise was enough to prevent plumber’s butt and enough to keep an undershirt tucked in, but not comically high. It’s also not difficult to get in most brands of pants lately. Although the Samantha pant was the same rather heavy, obvious synthetic fabric, it looked better in the more casual cut. In fact, the more casual pants reminded me a lot of the Outlier Daily Riding pant in fit, though the Outlier pants are designed to shed water and the NYDJ pants aren’t. The Outlier pants are also lighter weight–I can’t imagine wearing the NYDJ pant on a warm day, but the Outlier are fine until it gets really hot. But if they fit and look like the Outlier pant, they’re on the casual side of work-appropriate, which leaves me where I started.

So that was my pants-shopping experience, which left me with an unresolved “need” for professional pants.

Now I’m going to run some errands, in a pair of Gap boot cut blue jeans (which I have heard are tragically out of style now–given that I tried on and considered buying NYDJ pants, it’s probably obvious that I don’t make particularly stylish choices. Seriously, what I really want are the $500 St John elastic waist trousers) and my Smartwool striped sweater.



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