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Saturday, Vexing

We went to brunch to redeem a Groupon this morning. Food was fine (albeit pricey for what it was), but the restaurant did not seem to be functioning well. The table had syrup all over it  (and a couple of the chairs had food on them, too)  and the tables around us all had problems with their orders.

I wore the vexing Etsy dress again. I’m now contemplating whether taking the bodice in about an inch would be enough or if the skirt needs adjusting, too. Maybe I’ll try pinning and basting it. The seams are all serged, so taking it apart and resewing is not an option, but maybe I can add a new seam or a dart? It’s so vexing because I love the fabric and the dress is well-made. I just really want it to fit better, less billowy and more flattering.

I layered the dress over an H&M turtleneck and put an Icebreaker Bliss cardigan over it for warmth walking over. I ended up with awkward collar overlap.



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