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Friday, Snow and Appointments


Yfrog photo from twitter @mattbosman

So, MattBosman tells me the lakefront is plowed already, at least in places, at least on the northside. So, maybe I could ride? I want to, but then again, it could be treacherous coming home. I still haven’t strapped Linus to the front of the bus, so I don’t really feel like that’s an option, although I know that it is.

I am headed to the office shortly. In a Misook suit: a sleeveless dress with waist detailing and an open-front jacket. It’s easy and comfortable and does not require any thought on a day that’s usually my day off, but includes a meeting.

Speaking of Misook, I’ve had a new Misook suit in the online cart all week. When I checked the tab this morning, it was all more than 50% off, so I bought it. Hopefully, it will fit well and look good and I can keep it. I’ve been needing more suits in the last few months than in the last couple of years.

Misook suit jacket. It's more raspberry under fluorescent light, more red under natural light.

Misook suit jacket. It’s more raspberry under fluorescent light, more red under natural light.

Edited: When I typed this up, I was still in my bathroom, but my clothes were laid out at the foot of the bed. In a last minute change of plans, I wore this red short jacket, instead of the open-front long jacket mentioned above. I like the split-cuff detail.

As often happens, I regret not biking down to my office. The sidewalks and roads are covered in slushy puddles that drivers splash everywhere and the buses are too slow and crowded. It’s not particularly cold nor windy and the Lakefront was probably deserted.



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