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Wednesday, Sunshine, Cycling and Meetings

Costume jewelry from some forgotten somewhere.

Costume jewelry from some forgotten somewhere.

I had a meeting up in the neighborhood where my aunt and grandmother lived more than 10 years ago. It’s an absolutely beautiful day outside–sunshine, 35-40 degrees, calm, clear–so I rode the 4 miles to the meeting on Linus. I like to arrive 10-15 minutes early when I bike to meetings, even on cold days, so I have some time to check my hair and lipstick and let any hat/helmet/goggle marks fade. It was a good meeting and a great ride.

I wore the Eileen Fisher wool dress with the black boucle jacket. I love the pink lining on this jacket and I love how polished this dress feels. Added a nice brooch for interest and my Fluevog Hvala boots. Nice young man walking past while I was locking up complimented them.

I’m going out again later for a volunteer event at Planned Parenthood. I’ve not decided what I’ll wear when I go out again.

Edited to add: I wore silvery-grey wool sweater from J. Crew over the TopShop grey midi dress. The sweater has two fake pearls on the cuffs which create a gather in the sleeve and, frankly, make the shirt no good for work wear because they are painful against the forearms when they are resting on a desk. They were find for the volunteering, however, and it’s a nice sweater so it was good to be able to wear it.


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