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Tuesday, On the Bike Again

It was clear and calm and cold out there, but not as cold as I dressed. I had to unzip my jacket on the way to work. It’s also pączki day in Chicago, but I did not ride past a bakery to get any. Honestly, I did not want to be late to work although now I regret it.

Merrell Tetra Launch boots.

Merrell Tetra Launch boots.

I’m in the Outlier daily riding pant with the short merrell boots. I’m wearing the black cashmere crew neck sweater, over an extra long grey tissue t-shirt and the pale purple Ureshii singlet. Utilitarian, comfy and warm.

Today was my first ride with the Walnut Studiolo bike lock holster and it’s pretty great. Secure, no rattle, I barely noticed the weight. Naturally, I’m paranoid someone will steal it, but I figure if someone has the tools to steal the holster, they have the tools to steal the bike. So far, that hasn’t happened.



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