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Monday, Small Craft Advisory

Wind always keeps me off the bike. Gusts are over 35 mph–a small older woman was blown into me on the sidewalk as we were walking along, so it was probably wise to CTA instead of ride. Nonetheless, I was really disappointed to be on the bus. It’s in the mid-30’s and clear out there. It rained yesterday afternoon, so all the snow and ice are gone, too. Oh well. Still 324 days left in 2013 for cycling.

Tweed skirt and *those* boots.

Tweed skirt and *those* boots.

I’m in a poorly coordinated outfit today, although I really like this skirt. It’s a pale green tweed with brown and orange and the skirt has nine gores. Of course, I always forget that it’s *brown* and I paired it with a couple of nice soft grey sweaters, black tights and black boots.

I also dressed poorly for the temperature (no socks in the boots, no cardigan or jacket over the sweater, nylon-only tights). Today really needs a reset button.

My outfit, the wind and a lingering headache are conspiring to make today less than stellar.



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