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Saturday, Pocca-doots

When I was in high school, my mother and I went shopping for a party dress. For some reason, I could not manage to say “polka dot”–no matter how often I tried, it kept coming out “pocca doot”. So we’ve called them “pocca doots” ever since.

Saturday night, we were celebrating with friends who recently got engaged (and one of whom just had a “milestone” birthday). Bowling. Very fun.

P dressI wore an H&M black and white polka dot dress. Sleeveless, drop waist with a nice inverted pleat in the center of the skirt. Very mod. I had almost forgotten this dress, but I was adding things to the database this week, and there it was! I layered it over a Smartwool long sleeved tee. I wore it with fuchsia tights (which I bought one day last summer when it was too cold in my office for what I was wearing) layered under black crochet tights.

I had initially intended to wear my Steve Madden Wonder Woman boots, but since I’d been in bowling shoes all night, I went with the brightly colored tights instead of the brightly colored boots. Plus, the sidewalks remain treacherous out there.

We had a wonderful time and can’t wait for the superfun wedding we know is coming.

Bowling shoes.

Bowling shoes.



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