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Friday, Out of the House

I got out of the house today. I ran some errands, took part in a market survey, got some delicious coffee, made a lot of bus transfers, had a terrible time walking on largely uncleared sidewalks caked with ice, saw lots of city cyclists who made me wish I’d just ridden, dammit.

Ibex french terry sleeveless dress, in violet.

Ibex french terry sleeveless dress, in violet, inset color is cave.

I wore the Ibex sleeveless french terry dress in cave, which is an greyish, greenish color that sounds appalling but is a nice muted color. It matches my space-dyed tights nicely, so I wore those.

Over it, because it’s cold outside, I layered my black Nau base snap top. The linked top is the same fabric, but not the same style. The one I wore has thumbloops (hurray) and a short turtleneck that snaps open to an flat collar. It’s aces and unbelievably warm.

Have I mentioned how much I miss Nau from 2007? Sigh.

I also wore a cheap ring from H&M. It was black when I bought it, but it has worn to a beautiful bronze sheen. It’s bulky and not entirely comfortable, particularly under gloves, but it looks quite nice.





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