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Tuesday, Events

My other bike.

My other bike.

Linus is in the basement because I suddenly became paranoid about salt damage. I wonder if I should pull the blue bike out of storage and get a rack for it and use it as my snow bike? I think the tires are a bit knubbier, which would be a plus. I added fenders at some point last summer, which make it necessary to use the giant U-lock because the ordinary U-lock won’t fit around the fenders, which is a minus. It’s a nice, sturdy, comfy ride, if a bit heavier than Linus, which might also make it good for the winter.

There’s a conference this afternoon. I’m in the other St. John skirt (which I found, folded in my t-shirt drawer–I don’t know why). It’s a full skirt with a stripe knitted into the wool. Plum wool tights and the boots with the buckle and white topstitching.

Wrist ribbons on my sweater.

Wrist ribbons on my sweater.

I’m also wearing a turtleneck sweater from Kenneth Cole with white ribbons on the wrists. It sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s a nice sweater. Thick ribbed knit with a good basic shape and these white ribbon ties on the wrists. They don’t do anything, but they add something. For a while in the early 00’s, I did a lot of shopping at Kenneth Cole, but I’m not sure how much of it is in my “still wearing” pile. I know I gave away the printed wrap dress (which I shouldn’t have done–it was a fit of pique that belongs in one of those quasi-memoirs in which women authors equate what they wore to who they were. The dress did not deserve such a discarding and would have really come in handy on days like today when I have work events), but that I still have the black eyelet skirt. I’m mostly finished with the database and I don’t think there’s a lot of Kenneth Cole in it.



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