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Tuesday, Unnatural Weather

Still not riding because I did not feel like dealing with the rain.  It’s the-world-ends-with-a-whimper weather out there. Before sunrise, we hit the highest January temperature on record. It really does seem that people who were wrong about climate change were those who did not sound a big enough alarm (yes, yes, weather isn’t climate, but we don’t have winter like we used to, and our summers are nowhere near as pleasant anymore).

pendantFor the trivial, I’m in the nau Confidant dis-dress today, with an Icebreaker undershirt (my undershirt has a v-neck, not quite as deep as the dress), grey sweater tights and my Hunter rain boots again.  The rain is expected to start shortly and not stop until well after dark.

To accessorize, I have purple striped socks peeking over the tops of the boots and a necklace from Tiffany. I let the tarnish collect on it because I like how it plays off the texture.



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