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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Thursday, Lunch Meetings

I left Linus in the basement this morning because I was feeling out of sorts and exhausted. Riding would probably have fixed that, but, perversely, I left Linus behind.

Embellishment on the pocket of my skirt.

Embellishment on the pocket of my skirt.

I am wearing one of my hand-me-down St John skirts this morning–the straight one with the embellished pockets because I could not find the full one with the stripes. It is beyond me how I managed to lose clothes in my closet.  I love how the pockets are deep, flat, and made of a soft silk where the rest of the skirt is St John’s signature wool/rayon knit.

I’ve paired it with the St John “boyfriend jacket” (I still don’t know why it was called that, when it’s a boxy cropped sweater jacket) and an Icebreaker t-shirt (that can’t be seen under the jacket). Wool tights and my Fluevog Wearever Hvala boots.

I was cold at first, but now I’m warm.



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