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Tuesday, Arctic Air.



So, it’s cold. We still have no snow (the Lake is dangerously low), but it’s finally cold.  Linus was covered in frost by the time I got to work, but the Lake was arresting. Breakers, tossing up both ice and steam as I rode along. There was no wind, no ice, only two joggers, so it was not a bad ride.

I need a solution for my hands, which got painfully cold, despite glove liners and windproof gloves. I have the same problem skiing. The rest of me is toasty, maybe even a little sweaty, but my hands are freezing. Bar mitts or lobster gloves?

Smartwool Maroon Bells Henley.

Smartwool Maroon Bells Henley.

I’m in the Ibex Izzi skirt again, with smartwool tights and cuddle duds. I have on the Smartwool Maroon Bells Henley, which is likely the warmest sweater I own, with a longsleeve Icebreaker t-shirt underneath. Even though I’m safely in my office and no longer on the Lakefront, I have removed only my Icebreaker biking tights.

The cold is not why there are no entries for Saturday, Sunday or Monday, by the way.  I just did not leave the house this weekend and I don’t catalogue “house clothes”. I had some entertaining combinations of long underwear, pyjamas, yoga pants, socks, slippers, whathaveyou, but it’s not really the purpose.

Tomorrow is PPIL’s Roe v Wade Anniversary event, where I will be volunteering. I have been advised to “dress smartly” in cocktail or business attire. I had chosen something yesterday, but now I’m second-guessing it. Good thing I have time to choose.



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