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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Monday, Popsicle.

chillyMy computer tells me it’s 13 degrees outside with a “real feel” of 1. The winds are calm and it’s clear. Whatever dusting of snow fell yesterday is long gone. Linus and I rode in, though I stopped just once, to warm up my hands. I never can keep my hands warm–not skiing, not biking. There will be a small river of sweat, collecting in the small of my back, but my hands will be smarting from cold. I’ll keep trying to find something that works; in the meantime, it means stopping and balling my fists up inside my gloves and shoving my hands in my pockets, wiggling my fingers in their fists to warm them.

plazapeakI’m in the Ibex Izzy skirt, which is a beautiful weight and just all-around comfortable.  Topped with a ballet neck shirt in grey with ballet-length sleeves and a big wool sweater with a high collar and zipper down the front. I’m wearing the random plum merino tights and the tall Merrell boots. The internet tells me these are the Plaza Peak, which the internet also tells me are no longer made. What a shame! Good thing I don’t need new work-appropriate snow-appropriate boots; I did not really like any of the offerings at Merrell when I looked for them. Zappos seems to have a better selection.

My feet stayed warm on the ride in, so maybe the issue is entirely wind-proofing. Of course, my ski gloves are supposed to be windproof and they don’t keep my hands warm!



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