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Tuesday, New Bag, Concert Tickets

It’s warmer today than I dressed for. Oh well.

Po Campo Armitage satchel,  strapped to Linus' rear rack, at the university.

Po Campo Armitage satchel, strapped to Linus’ rear rack, at the university.

First ride with my new Po Campo Armitage Satchel (in the now-discontinued black vinyl. Good timing for me to buy it now!). As you can see, it’s pretty big for my rear rack, but it was secure and comfortable. It holds everything that my other satchel does, although the interior pockets are all open, rather than zippered. The lining is a vivid turquoise.

Despite the reflective strip on the end, it does not scream “bike bag” and it’s not awkward to carry like my pannier nor very casual, like my nau Motil ped.

I wish the leather were a color other than light tan, but to my own surprise, I don’t find the silvery straps jarring.  Basically, it’s a cute bag and it works pretty well with my rear rack. I am thrilled, despite a couple small quibbles.

All Saints Sendona dress, from

All Saints Sendona dress, from

For clothes today, I’m wearing the TopShop Midi again, in burgundy. (I hike it up and tuck it into my biking leggings for riding). Over the Midi, I’m wearing the AllSaints Sendona dress. I wasn’t sure it would work, so I tested it last night. Layering the Sendona dress like a sweater downplays the dress, which is very bodyconscious and fashion-y. The Midi underneath makes the neckline more modest for work and lines the more open parts of the weave. The staggered hemlines (the Sendona is above-knee; the Midi is mid-calf) look intentional, rather than awkward (like, say, dresses worn over pants).

I’m really happy with how the pieces fit together, actually. It’s a but funky–which is helping my mood. I don’t have cute shoes today, because my winter boots (which are cute-ish) offer the best wind protection when biking. A bit of jewelry wouldn’t be amiss, maybe I’ll add it when I get home.

It’s still a little more “party” than “office” but my office is super-casual, so it’s best I left the jewels off. But we have tickets to see Dessa at Schuba’s after work (I prefer not changing, if I can avoid it, as it tends to break the momentum) and then I can add something funky.

Just for reference, here is what was in my satchel:

Frankly, not much.

Frankly, not much. Card case, tissues, Dargelos vest, saddle cover, wallet, pillbox, bike lights, keys, goggles.

Not pictured is my cablelock with padlock (because now it’s locked to my bike). I think my U-lock will fit in the bag on the way home, and I could easily have fit a small lunch container in the bag. I think this weekend, I’ll make a couple drawstring bags, like the Dargelos vest is in, for my goggles, sunglasses, lights &c.


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