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Saturday, Poor Eating Habits

beerWe met up with a friend at a local (large, nationally distributed) brewpub for snacks (duck sausage! friend pickles! pub chips!) and really good beer. It was snowing big white pretty flakes for the 1 mile walk, but they had stopped completely (and not stuck around) when it was time to go home. Two rounds of really dark beers later, I just wanted to curl up in bed and never come out.

I’m still trying to figure out how to style one of my Etsy dresses so that it is as awesome as I want it to be. The dress is well-made and the fabric is beautiful–let me say up front that I have no issues with the seamstress or her work–but if I had tried this dress on, I would have been disappointed at the shop and that would have been the end of it. But it’s Etsy, so the gamble is buy it and live with it.

The dress is significantly fuller through my waist and hips than it is on the model, falling folds (rather like the skirt on this Ureshii dress), rather than falling flat (like it appears to on the model). It’s warm; it’s comfortable; it’s a beautiful color, but it doesn’t hang on me like I want it to. So I don’t know how to wear it. My husband calls it the Grimes dress, which is cute, but maybe a little young for me?

At any rate. I wore it with a sweater over it, which may just exacerbate the fullness of the skirt. Patterned tights and the short Merrell boots.

The beer was really good, although I think his Imperial Stout was superior to my very fine porter. He thinks the styles are just not interchangeable.


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