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Friday, Back to Normal

IMAG1404It’s a regular no-work Friday. I plan to do some yoga, maybe sew, maybe watch Netflix, do some accounting chores.

I’ve already arranged my exchange of the Po Campo Armitage satchel in waxed brown canvas for the Armitage satchel in black vinyl and I am tempted to call today “done!” but I know better.

I was given the Armitage satchel for Christmas and very excited to receive it. The size, the weight, the construction–everything is very appealing–but the brown waxed canvas (particularly with the khaki straps) is a poor match for my wardrobe. Thus, the exchange. I remain a bit disappointed that the straps on the black vinyl look to be a grey or pearl-color. It does not appear that can easily to swapped; although they clip on one side, they are stitched on the other. I wonder if dyeing or covering is an option?

At any rate, looking forward to using the new bag, soon!



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