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Thursday, First Ride in the Cold

Linus with Navy Pier in the distance.

Linus with Navy Pier in the distance.

Definitely cold out there, but it’s calm and clear. There were flurries falling on me when I got to the office, but there’s no snow in the forecast, so it should be clear going home, too. Only one patch of ice, up near the crossing to the Lake–I’ll have to remember it’s there, going home. I passed a handful of joggers, was passed by a handful of cyclists, and saw the dog swimming club. Nice morning.

Wearing the Outlier pants this morning tucked into the short Merrell boots. I’m not a big “tuck my pants into my boots” person, but there is no room for boots under these pants and it’s too cold for shoes, especially riding. Again, these pants are awesome. As noted before, I would not have thought it possible that they’d still fit well with fleece-lined tights underneath them, but they do and are super-cozy. I added leg-warmers, just in case. I covet these leg warmers–maybe later.

I’m also wearing a violet-pink Ibex top (the VT Turtle), with a high neck and black patches on the cuffs. For riding, I had an Icebreaker t-shirt underneath, and my nau Glasnost jacket under my coat. My hands–as always–got a little cold about half-way to work, but I’m fine now.



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