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Wednesday, Pretty Darn Cold

My computer says it’s 12 degrees outside. Given how mild it’s been, I was expecting that to feel colder than it did. But then, I deployed my super-warm, ankle-length, hooded wool overcoat. I am expected to go out after work, so I did not ride Linus, but everything looks pretty clear out there and it’s not really windy.

I’m wearing a knee-length, long sleeve, red crewnecked merino wool dress from a New Zealand company called Tika, which did not survive the Christchurch/Canterbury earthquakes. As I recall from the email announcing their decision to close, the closure came because it was simply not economically feasible to recover their operations and, fortunately, not from physical injury to anyone.

sweater disreuptableThe dress is fabulous and, alas, the only thing I ever purchased from Tika. Icebreaker, Ibex and Smartwool have a relatively limited range of everyday business casual or everyday life casual clothes, but the three companies have very much enamored me of merino jersey for year-round wear. I have spent a lot of time searching for other places to buy merino clothes that are not basically exercisewear and regularly fantasize about acquiring the discipline to make my own.

I was excited to find Tika through a regular old search engine search and I took a chance on the Tika dress. This was my second random “this company sells clothes made of New Zealand merino wool jersey” purchase. The first was John Smedley. Fine quality, but the fit did not suit me, even though it was the right size. I kept the dress and had it tailored, which helped, but not enough. Nonetheless, I did not mind taking a change on the Tika dress, even after my John Smedley dress did not quite work out, because I really love the fabric that much. Still, it’s a weird experience–and one I can’t really justify–spending a couple hundred dollars on something you’ve not seen nor tried on, which will cost about 1/4 of its purchase price to return, just because.  This time it worked out.

vinyl braceletI’m wearing tone on tone black striped tights and boots with it, as well as a vaguely disreputable-looking H&M shawl collar sweater. I like this sweater, but it pilled badly in the first few months of wear. Put a black vinyl bracelet on and headed to the office for the first time in two weeks.



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