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Monday, New Year’s Eve

We had dinner with some friends, and then sat around the vacation-rental-by-owner with some other friends, and then walked most of the way home until a cab driver made an awkward u-turn and drove us the rest of the way and my husband tipped him the entire fare. Happy new year!

I had a lot of layers because I had no idea what the temperature would be anywhere: the nau merino2 dress in black (that’s the first iteration with the v-neck), the nau LS zip T in a dark grey blue, an icebreaker undershirt, fleece tights, my over-the-knee black and grey striped socks, those boots and a fancy barrette.

Annie at the wedding.

Annie at the wedding.

Eventually, I put on my grandmother’s wedding tiara. This is a picture of her as a bridesmaid in someone else’s wedding–as far as I know, there were no pictures of her wedding.


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