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Saturday, Same as Friday

I spent most of Saturday morning baking more cookies. Dad asked if I wanted to go with him to the mall to get one last thing (at 8:30 am, after Mom had left to go to the Polish deli) and I said “Not on your life. Plus, I’m still baking cookies.”

A little after noon, I got back on the train to the City, ran one last errand of my own, and came home.

I wore the TopShop dress in burgundy, with a black short sleeve ice breaker t-shirt, and the Ureshii shrug. It all packed very small in my bag for the trip out to the suburbs, but looked rather nice for the trip home.

minkhatIt was still pretty cold, and I wore a little mink hat that used to belong to my mother. My dog retrieved it one day–we thought he had left a tiny bald spot on the top, but he hadn’t. I love it–it’s soft and warm and cute. I feel like fur like I feel about meat–it’s a resource that can and should be consumed responsibly, which includes compassion for the animals while they are alive. It includes not-over-consuming them, which means, to some extent, making them more expensive, more difficult to consume. It’s not a matter of reserving them for the privileged, but of making everyone think before buying.

I have three fur things: my mother’s mink hat, a vintage cape, and a collar. I don’t really know the provenance of any of them. I don’t know if they were ethically sourced, but my acquisition of them did not contribute to market-demand for cheap, easily obtained fur.



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