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Thursday, Not as Expected

Vintage women's Army coat, draped on office chair.

Vintage women’s Army coat, draped on office chair.

We’re supposed to have a winter storm: heavy winds, sleeting rain that turns to snow, misery, treacherous conditions, bluster! I left Linus in the basement and picked a heavy, long coat, and stepped outside into mild 40 degree weather.  I was less than pleased.

There was a slight wind as I got closer to the Lake, but I could easily have ridden. Since my normal bus route is one which saw major cuts, and since traffic was backed up through the light at my normal bus stop, I was really cranky. Fortunately, I did not have long to wait for a bus, and the bus that came started at my stop (which is normally the 10th or 12th stop on the route), so it was empty. It was not over-heated either, which is a problem in the winter, probably because it wasn’t full and was newly deployed. In the short blocks from the bus to the office, I passed lots of cyclists and even ran into one in the elevator. I felt sad and annoyed that I did not ride. But I do have a few last errands to run after work and I over-did it at the gym yesterday and I do really struggle riding in strong winds.

Asymmetrical stripe hooded dress by MiloCreative at Etsy.

Asymmetrical stripe hooded dress by MiloCreative at Etsy.

I’m wearing my MiloCreative striped drape dress, with the tall Merrill snowproof boots and plum colored Nordstrom-branded merino tights. These are the best tights I have ever worn: soft, warm, comfortable, and they stay put. I wish I had more of them or a reliable way to find more. As warm as my Smartwool tights are, the Smartwool tights don’t fit me well.  Sockdreams has some options, but not many colors.  Falke and Hue offer some, too, but only in black, grey and brown, and the Hue blend has hardly any wool compared to Falke, Smartwool, or the pair I have on. Ah, leave it to Wolford! Lots of colors, 50% wool, and spendy.

My coat is from a vintage store in Austin, Texas, bought around 20 years ago. The label reads “Coat Womens WRAC Briggs, Jones & Gibson Ltd.” It’s a beautiful hunter green, double-breasted with big brass buttons. I think there’s a picture of me wearing it in Austin–I must have been sweltering, even in the middle of the coldest night.

Label in my coat.

Label in my coat.

Should the winter storm arrive–as predicted–I’ll be warm and cozy while I run a few last errands after work. Tomorrow, after I volunteer with CGLA, my Christmas holiday begins!


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