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Tuesday, New Day!

So I received my additional TopShop midi dresses in the mail today: one black, one burgundy. Although they appear to both be the same as the charcoal dress, they are not. The burgundy is, as described, a viscose rayon/polyester/wool blend and, as pictured, a shallow wide crewneck with a wide strap. The black is a viscose/rayon blend, not–as described–a wool blend  and it has a deep crew neck with narrower straps.This explains why the black was not merely a third color option on the burgundy page. Edited to add: I had a nice chat with Nordstrom customer service and it turns out that the website description is wrong. The burgundy and charcoal dresses are the wool blend and the black is available only in the blend without wool. I’d guess it has to do with dyes–the black is a very deep black.

I’m disappointed because I like the feel of the wool blend better, so I haven’t quite decided whether or not to keep the black dress. It’s a nice deep dark black and the different neckline might layer better. I’m pretty sure I’d get the same use out of it as I’ve gotten from the charcoal wool blend dress. But it is disappointing.

Unsurprisingly, I wore the burgundy dress this morning, under a black crew neck sweater with those boots. The dress really is a lovely color, all purply and red. I had to hike the skirt way up for the ride in, but I was wearing my wool leggings, so I was both warm and discrete.

TopShop Midi tank dress in burgundy, photo from

TopShop Midi tank dress in burgundy, photo from



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